The 6th ACM International Symposium on Pervasive Displays
Lugano, Switzerland
7-9 June, 2017

Wed, June 7: Tutorials

As it has become customary for PerDis, we will again offer a few in-depth tutorials on the first day of the symposium. The tutorials will take place on June 7. Attendance is included in your registration fee. The preliminary list of speakers and topics is listed below.

Public Display Analytics
Mateusz Mikusz (Lancaster University, UK) and Ivan Elhart (USI Lugano, CH)

Visualizing Camera- and Log-based Public Display Interactions
Julie Williamson et al. (Univ. of Glasgow, UK)

Visualizing public information
Andrew Vande Moere et al. (KU Leuven, BE)

Thu, June 8: Keynote "Start thinking in 3D!"

Prof. Michael Bronstein
USI Lugano, CH, and Tel Aviv University, IL

Michael Bronstein is an associate professor of Informatics at USI Lugano in Switzerland, associate professor of Applied Mathematics at Tel Aviv University in Israel, and a Principal Engineer at the Intel Perceptual Computing group. Michael got his Ph.D. with distinction in Computer Science from the Technion in 2007. He has previously held visiting appointments at Politecnico di Milano, Stanford, INRIA, Technion, and University of Verona. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE, alumnus of the Technion Excellence Program and the Academy of Achievement, ACM Distinguished Speaker, and a member of the Young Academy of Europe. His research appeared in the international media such as CNN and was recognized by numerous prestigious awards, including several best paper awards, the Hershel Rich Innovation Award (2003), three ERC grants (Starting Grant 2012, Proof of Concept Grant 2016, and Consolidator Grant 2016), Google Faculty Research Award (2016), Radcliffe Fellowship from the Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University (2017), and Rudolf Diesel Industrial Fellowship from TU Munich (2017). In 2014, he was selected as a Young Scientist by the World Economic Forum, an honor bestowed on forty world's leading scientists under the age of forty. He was a guest speaker at the World Economic Forum meeting in Dalian, China in 2015. Michael is the author of the first book on deformable 3D shape analysis, editor of four books, over 100 papers in top scientific journals and conferences, and inventor of over 20 granted patents. He has chaired over a dozen of conferences and workshops in his field, and has served as area chair at ECCV 2016 and ICCV 2017 and as associate editor of the Computer Vision and Image Understanding journal. He has given over 70 invited and keynote talks during his career. Besides academic work, Michael is actively involved in the industry. He has co-founded and served in leading technical and management positions at several startup companies, including Invision, an Israeli startup developing 3D sensing technology acquired by Intel in 2012. This technology can now be found in new generation of computers from all the major brands.

Thu-Fri, June 8-9: Accepted Papers

Orchestrating Multi-Device Presentations with OmniPresent
Maria Husmann, Daniel Huguenin, Matthias Geel and Moira Norrie

ScreenPress: A Powerful and Flexible Platform for Networked Pervasive Display Systems
Amir Esmaeil Sarabadani Tafreshi and Moira Norrie

Avoid the Use of Audio? Evaluating the Influence of Sound in a Large Display Multi-User Scenario
Andrea Nutsi and Michael Koch

GTmoPass: Two-factor Authentication on Public Displays Using Gaze-Touch passwords and Personal Mobile Devices
Mohamed Khamis, Regina Hasholzner, Andreas Bulling and Florian Alt

P+: A Test Fit Platform for Generative Design of 3D Media Architecture
Marius Hoggenmueller and Luke Hespanhol

StickySchedule: An Interactive Multi-user Application for Conference Scheduling on Large-scale Shared Displays
Vishal Doshi, Sneha Tuteja, Krishna Bharadwaj, Davide Tantillo, James Patton, Thomas Marrinan and G. Elisabeta Marai

Fostering Large Display Engagement Through Playful Interactions
Jane Henderson, Shaishav Siddhpuria, Keiko Katsuragawa and Edward Lank

The Concurrent Use of Touch and Mid-Air Gestures or Floor Mat Interaction on a Public Display
Jorgos Coenen, Sandy Claes and Andrew Vande Moere

Multi-purpose place-based display systems: implications from current practices with non-digital displays
Pedro Coutinho and Rui José

Better Off: When Should Pervasive Displays be Powered Down?
Nigel Davies, Sarah Clinch, Mateusz Mikusz, Oliver Bates, Helen Turner and Adrian Friday

They are looking at me! Understanding how Audience Presence Impacts on Public Display Users
Vito Gentile, Mohamed Khamis, Salvatore Sorce and Florian Alt

Audience Monitor – an Open Source Tool for Tracking Audience Mobility in front of Pervasive Displays
Ivan Elhart, Mateusz Mikusz, Cristian Gomez Mora, Marc Langheinrich and Nigel Davies

Sunken Ripples: Exploring the Design Space of Performative Interfaces with Non-Planar Displays
Julie Williamson, John Williamson and Daniel Sunden

Public displays for public participation in urban settings: a survey
Guiying Du, Auriol Degbelo and Christian Kray

Exploring Spatial Meaning with a Tangible Map
Will Walker, Hyungie Sung, Chris Kevin Ong and Federico Casalegno

Ghost-Hack AR: Human Augmentation Using Multiple Telepresence Systems for Network Communication
Hiroaki Tobita

Code the Globe: Interactive Content for Spherical Displays with simple Webpages
Thomas Crespel, Brett Ridel, Clara Rigaud, Anke M. Brock and Patrick Reuter

Exploring the Design of Stereoscopic 3D for Multilevel Maps
Juho Rantakari, Jani Väyrynen, Ashley Colley and Jonna Hakkila

Multi-Stakeholder Analytics Synthesis
Mateusz Mikusz, Sarah Clinch and Nigel Davies

Investigating how User Avatar in Touchless Interfaces Affects Perceived Cognitive Load and Two-Handed Interactions
Vito Gentile, Salvatore Sorce, Alessio Malizia, Fabrizio Milazzo and Antonio Gentile

Framing fraught topics through tangible multi-display engagement with live news
Brygg Ullmer, Blake Tregre and Malcolm McClay

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