PerDis '15- Proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on Pervasive Displays

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SESSION: Engagement and Attention

People Watcher: An App to Record and Analyzing Spatial Behavior of Ubiquitous Interaction Technologies

Understanding Display Blindness in Future Display Deployments

Should Public Displays be Interactive? Evaluating the Impact of Interactivity on Audience Engagement

Increasing user engagement with distributed public displays through the awareness of peer interactions

ENGAGE: Early Insights in Measuring Multi-Device Engagements

SESSION: Devices and Gestures

Short-range optical interaction between smartphones and public displays

CloudDrops: Stamp-sized Pervasive Displays for Situated Awareness of Web-based Information

Ubi-FX: Ubiquitous Effects with Multiple Pan-Tilt Projector and Camera Units for Entertainment

Interaction in Motion with Mobile Projectors: Design Considerations

SESSION: Media Facades

Public Brewing: a Media Façade with a Mixed Reality Interface

Blinking Lights and Other Revelations: Experiences Designing Hybrid Media Façades

StarLight: Exploring Embodied Interactions with Media Architecture and Public Audiences

Castle-Sized Interfaces: An Interactive Façade Mapping

SESSION: Implementation Concerns

Touch OK to Continue: Error Messages and Affective Response on Interactive Public Displays

Interaction Proxemics: Combining Physical Spaces for Seamless Gesture Interaction

Gravity Games: A Framework for Interactive Space Physics on Media Facades

Are You Feeling Lucky?: Lottery-based Scheduling for Public Displays

SESSION: Specific Applications

In-Car Touch Screen Interaction: Comparing Standard, Finger-Specific and Multi-Finger Interaction

Design sensitivities from public expression practices with non-digital displays

They want to tell us: Attention-aware Design and Evaluation of Ambient Displays for Learning

Construction on Display: Exploring the Use of Public Displays on Construction Sites

Collaborative Newspaper: Exploring an adaptive Scrolling Algorithm in a Multi-user Reading Scenario

SESSION: In The Wild

Public Photos, Private Concerns: Uncovering Privacy Concerns of User Generated Content Created Through Networked Public Displays

Insights from Deploying See-Through Augmented Reality Signage in the Wild

Interactive Study of WallSHOP: Multiuser Connectivity between Public Digital Advertising and Private Devices for Personalized Shopping

Enter the Circle: Blending Spherical Displays and Playful Embedded Interaction in Public Spaces

The Role of Tangible Interaction in Exploring Information on Public Visualization Displays

SESSION: Imaginative Interfaces

ShadowTouch: a Multi-user Application Selection Interface for Interactive Public Displays

Exploring the Potential of Depictions with Sun Reflections

An Interactive Curtain for Media Usage in the Shower


Multi-User Usability Guidelines for Interactive Wall Display Applications

autoUI-ML: A design language for the flexible creation of automotive GUIs based on semantically represented data

Cast Together: Inclusive and Unobtrusive Mobile Interactions with a Situated Display

CEPBoard: Collaborative Electronic Performance Board and Editor for Production Environments in Industry 4.0

WeatherUSI: Crowdsourcing Weather Experience on Public Displays

There is more to Interaction with Public Displays than Kinect: Using Wearables to Interact with Public Displays

A Real-Time Bidding Platform for Public Displays


The Knowledge Window: How Does Technology Improve Printed Posters

VEII: A Toolkit for Editing Multimedia Content of Interactive Installations On-site

An application framework for place-based displays with mobile interaction

Demo: Making Lottery-based Scheduling Decisions Visible

Physically Guiding Touch Screen Interaction with Public Displays

BIM|MAR: Assembling physical objects by virtual information

Lichtform: A Shape Changing Light Installation

An Interactive Planetary System for High-Resolution Media Facades

Common Gestures: Visual Design for a Collaborative Archive Interface

PaperFlow: A Gamified Multitouch Application to Increase Motivation and Participation in Scientific Research

Application features to convey peers' interactions to engage users in a display network

Cognitive Monitoring via Eye Tracking in Virtual Reality Pedestrian Environments

Collaborative Newspaper Demo: Exploring an adaptive Scrolling Algorithm in a Multi-user Reading Scenario

SESSION: Video Track

Breathing Display: Exploring the Effects of a Responsive Installation on People's Behaviour in Public Space

AUR: Augmented Urban Reality

Archive Interfaces: Toward the User as Co-Curator